Sunday, September 19, 2010

Richard Dawkins: "Joseph Ratzinger Is An Enemy of Humanity!"


  1. It's really easy to be anti-Christian, especially in Europe.

    Now being anti-Muslim in the Middle East would actually make Dawkins look like less of a coward.

  2. Say what you want about Muslims, Jews are way worse. You criticize a Muslim, and a bunch of people without the means to attain clean drinking water would have to traverse an ocean to get to you. Criticize a Jew, and there's the stereotypical social backlash plus the fact that Mossad is way scarier than Al Qaeda.

  3. Believe me Bret, I'd be the first to criticize Christians when I know they are in the wrong. My faith does not make me loyal to any particular group of people, regardless of common values and beliefs we may have.

  4. I didn't say anything about Christians... Why do Christians have horrible reading skills? Is it from spending years saying they read the Bible while never actually cracking it open?

    I was honestly and whole heartedly pointing out that Jews are above criticism (ironically, thanks to Hitler), while Muslims will issue death threats they can't even execute.

  5. My response to indicate that I'm fine with criticism of Jews, Muslims, Christians, atheists, etc. I don't spare my "own" so why would I spare criticism of the Jews?

    Of course the criticism must be legitimate. I don't consider calling the Jews "Christ-killers" for example as legitimate criticism (hey that could be your next stump post).

  6. Jews basically did kill Jesus, they just had to work around the technicality that they had become a Roman territory. But frankly, if Rome had not been there, Jesus would have probably been killed sooner by Jewish theocrats, and Christians wouldn't have crosses around their neck (since crucifixion was largely Roman).

    My stump the Christians question should be: if Jesus had been stoned to death rather than crucified, would Christians wear gold-plated rocks around their neck?

    [I bet they'd go with a fish or a dove, instead.]


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