Monday, September 27, 2010

Francois Tremblay on What Needs To Be Done

I’m sure some may wonder what I think is a good strategy to get rid of the capital-democratic system, and that if I’m going to refute someone else’s position, I should present my own. That’s fair enough, so here is my position on what needs to be done:

1. We need to help people regain the ability to trust and love one another.

2. We need to help people see the truth of our class society, and restore people’s class consciousness.

3. We need to rebuild the sense of community and the functions of society through the principles of mutual aid and self-management, creating safe spaces for people to flourish.

4. Protests should only be used to prevent the occupation of the safe spaces we’ve created.

5. Natural resources and human lives should be protected with directed sabotage against materials (never against people).

6. Perhaps most importantly, we need to understand our opponents: not the systems themselves (we know more than enough in those areas), but the individuals. We need to sit down with policemen and find out why they are oppressing people who fight for their own class interests. We need to sit down with managers and investors, and learn why they support corporations which thrive on child labor and prison slave labor. We need to explain to them where their interests lie. If we can convince people to stop supporting the beast, we can hopefully win the battle without fighting.

Which should go first: the State or capitalism?

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