Thursday, September 2, 2010

Why Sarah Palin is Insulted by "Retard"


  1. your post shows your lack of character and empathy, as well as your an immature sense of humor. i wonder if you ever have kids, and they have special needs, if you will still consider this funny. i assume you are a BHO supporter, and think his special olympics statement was funny.

    i could say something mean like, i hope someone feeds your dogs gravy soaked sponges, and they die slowly while you try to figure out what's wrong, but that would be slipping to your level.

  2. your post shows your lack of character and empathy


    This is the same j summ that defends cops torturing people with tasers!

    but that would be slipping to your level.

    Nobody could slip lower than you, you fascist asshole!

  3. nick, why do you follow my blog if i'm a fascist asshole? how come you have never bothered to comment on anything i have ever written until now? why do you defend people who make fun of persons with physical and mental handicaps? is it because of your own inadequacies?

  4. You would take offense at this and think I support Obama, because you're retarded.

    Do you need someone to help you open your Capri Sun, kiddo?

    Quit being a little faggot and don't take things so seriously.

  5. j dumm moderates comments on his blog.

    Translation: "I'm a giant pussy who stifles free speech when I'm given the ability."

  6. j dumm moderates comments on his blog.

    To be fair, I'm personally not against people moderating their comments. Depends on the reason they do it. If it's to stop spammers and such, I've no problem with it. Some do it, however, to keep opposing opinions off their blog.

    I sometimes have it turned on here because of DM, for example, but never because someone leaves a comment I don't like.

  7. J, I sometimes call people what I think they are based on the immediate situation. People who turn a blind eye to the state of policing in America today (usually those who call themselves conservatives) and its increasingly militaristic nature while getting upset at other, far less offensive things in the name of decency or whatever, are hypocrites.

    Red-State (conservative Republican) fascism is a real phenomenon in the post 9/11 era, when conservatives had no problem with things like the PATRIOT Act and the general massive growth of the Federal government under Bush in order to "protect" us from the "terrorists". Same goes with conservative support of the drug war and other unconstitutional Federal actions.

    Maybe you fall into that category of conservative,maybe you don't, but your knee-jerk defense of cops even when its obvious in particular instances that they were wrong, leads me to my conclusion.

    I follow your blog for the same reason I follow any blog. I don't have to agree with everything to find something of value.

    And I didn't see a single word in my comment that defended Bret's post. Please point out where I did so.

  8. Comment moderation is for fags. Freedom of speech means sometimes people who have looney ass ideas come around, and you can delete them afterwards, but honestly... guys like DM aren't even advertising anything but their own ignorance.

    And for the record, SE publishes all non-spam posts even when moderation has been erroneously enabled. j dumm doesn't allow dissent on his blog. So again, a major distinction between Nikk and dumm.

  9. I not a fan of Sarah Palin but I certainly know the difference between right and wrong. Mocking the disabled because you think it gives you an edge is way off. Go pick on someone your own size.

  10. bret; you are wrong, i posted the comment you made in support of NAMBLA. the reason i moderate comments is so guys like you can't come on, spew your hate, and then i have to find and delete your said stupid comments.

    nick; to point out where you defend bret is easy, "this is the same j summ who defends cops torturing people with tasers." (different post).
    i find it odd that i have to take the time to organize your arguments for you. i do appreciate the fact that you said you might find something on my site of value.

  11. My hate...?

    When did the right wing lose their balls?


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