Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To Protect and Serve (the State)

Are all cops bad cops?


  1. Any cop that violates the non-aggression principle is a bad cop. Which means that virtually all cops are bad cops.

  2. And we all know private security guards would never hassle someone.

  3. Any private security guard that violates the non-aggression principle is a bad private security guard.

    Though I would think that if you're assulted by a private security guard and you fight back, you're in a much better position than if you had benn assulted by a government cop and fought back.

  4. Not likely. People sue the government for millions after police abuse. The private security firm is rarely, if ever, held liable. It's usually the venue that hired them that takes the fall, and abusive private cops go right on abusing.

    The bottom line: both are tough job, but that doesn't excuse any sort of abusive use of force by either. We should be fighting for increased restraint and support the notion that police officers can be sent to jail as well, not pretending the government is so dern evil, but private companies will save us! *eye twinkles*


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