Wednesday, September 8, 2010

John Stossel: The Case for Private Roads

Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana and Randal O'Toole, author of "Gridlock," join John to discuss the benefits of privatizing some roads

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  1. Where to begin...

    Privatization is a monopoly, it's just contractually out of the hands of the democratic process as long as the deal remains.

    The tolls in Indiana have gotten absolutely retarded lately, and I wouldn't be surprised if they install a booth at the end of everyone's drive-way soon (my parents live there). This is just a scheme by Bush's failure of an economic engineer, Mitch Daniels, to put more money in the hands of private interests who fund his campaigning.

    The de-icer they use now is "cheaper," except for the people whose cars it mysteriously corrodes. Not the concern of a private company, though, they just want your toll dollars. They don't have to maintain the cars of citizens, nor are they beholden to voters.

    And the California pay lanes are ridiculous. If you have lanes that you pay extra for that are less crowded because they cost money... SHOCK! They will be faster. If you privatize the roads completely, everyone will be paying to go the same speed as before (unless you have some expensive "gold club" lane only for the wealthy who can afford to pay for constant road usage fees).

    And finally... the Chunnel? Private? Are you serious? Yes, they have private companies who built and run it... like every single major bridge and tunnel in the US. They were paid billions in government funding from both Britain and France to get it done, because no private company will probably ever have the means of undertaking such a project.


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