Friday, September 3, 2010

Before Going on Vacation This Weekend

Watch this video because the police will be on the prowl:

It should be pointed out that two of the three stories did have people who were clearly doing something illegal. The argument then becomes that if you are innocent, then you have nothing to hide.

Unfortunately, there are over 10,000 laws on the Federal books alone, so you're probably breaking the law without knowing it. Setting that argument aside, even if you are purely innocent, why allow the police to hassle you on their own suspicions?

So wherever you go this weekend, keep in mind that the police will be looking for an opportunity to bust criminals. It's their job and they like it fine. But don't make the mistake of assuming that they will help you out.

Naturally, this video applies all year round, but it never hurts to refresh yourself every now and then. Stay safe and don't call unnecessary attention to yourself from the police.


  1. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say: even if you do something illegal, you still have the right to not be abused by the police. Unless you're literally pointing a gun at innocent people (like the guy who took hostages at the Discovery Channel) or at the police themselves, I believe it is an officer's duty to patiently and peacefully wait out a suspect's aggression and disobedience.

    That's their job, and I'm not suggesting it's easy or something everyone can do, but it's why we pay them. Luckily, most officers maintain the peace without breaking it themselves.

    And plenty of police will help you out. I disagree there. Whenever I'm lost, I ask an officer, because I consider that part of their job too: being my personal source of local directions.

  2. Oh you'll love this. I just got done instant messaging with a guy who is a cop in *mumbles* Indiana. He said it's standard procedure and the techniques are taught of how to inflict pain on a suspect in such a way that it does not look abusive. They are taught pressure points, holds, and even to flick a suspect in the eye.

    I wonder if they have a pamphlet...

  3. Make life easier for yourselves and do not engage in illegal activity. Then you won't have anything to worry about.

    Nothing to hide = Nothing to find.

    Squeaky clean! Doesn't take a genius to figure that out...

  4. No offense, but certain laws are total bullshit. I'll be damned before I stop huffing paint.

  5. Nothing to hide = Nothing to find.

    Yeah, law-abiding citizens don't need no pesky 4th amendment!

    Let's send the police over to your house to do a warrantless search, His Lordship, and don't worry about it; you don't have anything to hide, so the cops will find nothing, but at least they'll be absolutely sure you're not a criminal (until the next periodic search, that is; just one search won't be enough to establish your innocence for all time, you know).


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