Wednesday, September 1, 2010

John Stossel: Drug Prohibition

John Stossel looks at how police use violence and brutal militaristic tactics to conduct their tail-chasing war against politically unpopular substances.


  1. Even if drugs were legalized, it would be a great idea for them to do what was suggested in this video: videotape all raids and all police interactions. That would be a great aid in preventing police abuse (the police would know their actions were being recorded), and it would be a tool for prosecuting the inevitable abuse.

  2. Also, very clever that the guy asked about the legal justification for the war on drugs and the asshole answering him could only come up with, "I'm a veteran... Iraq war... I'm retarded and can't respond to what you're saying."

  3. Shooting a dog should be illegal. If you are scared, wear a f*cking body armor, pussy. No need to shoot a harmless poodle if you don't have too. Most dogs bark, few bite. A warrant to search is not a warrant to kill a f*cking dog.

    Yeah, people should put cameras EVERYWHERE in their homes and vehicles, to gather evidence proving their innocence.

    What sucks is that in many jurisdictions it is illegal to record phone conversations to which you are party without the other party's consent. I think people should have a right to record ALL their conversations. Helps to keep contractors and sales people in line, keep a track record of all promises and verbal agreements, etc.

    I think the cops should spend more time waterboarding f*cking dog killers and less time playing narco-commando.

  4. Holy. Shit. Cunt.

    That dude at the end. The Iraq war vet. Wtf?

    And. 100 Swat raids a day? Killing dogs? Mayors? For miniscule amount of marijuana between consenting adults? Cops think this is alright?



  5. Officers are paid to take risks, not to take the lazy way out. Between killing dogs and tasering old people, I honestly hope people wake up and realize having a badge is not a violent carte blanche.

    I mentioned it earlier, but who else thinks more police officers ought to be disarmed? Considering most officers never use their weapon, how much of a hinderance would it be?


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