Monday, September 6, 2010

The Evil Mosque


  1. When you said "Bitch Please!" I almost died. Great video. I do disagree with the concept that the Mosque was planed to be put there for the sake of an antagonistic attempt. NY is not that big and there is a finite amount of property to be sold, leased, built. Just because the location is suitable for a purpose does not mean that a plot or scheme with ill intent was involved.

  2. What was she saying?

    She's hot.

  3. Yeah, Nikk, you look hot in this video.

  4. Nikk, you look hot

    Yeah, I learned how to do it playing dress-up with my mom's clothes and stuff when I was kid.

  5. I wasn't looking at your clothes...

  6. She's hot.

    You should see my other videos.


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