Friday, March 11, 2011

The Two Party Dictatorship

I don't know if I personally agree on all of the listed issues that are supposedly being blocked, though they may indeed have a majority of popular support, just like currently polls showed that a majority are against raising the debt ceiling once again, though of course, the will of the people in our wonderful "democracy" will be ignored.

The parties also collaborate in every way possible to keep their control of the electoral system. They make it difficult for candidates going outside the two parties to get onto the ballot with restrictive laws and procedures, they gerrymander their districts to favor one party or the other, and they do everything they can to make the actual campaigns as expensive as possible. To top it off, the media helps by ignoring non-party candidates or stereotyping challengers.

Second, their rivalries mean that no meaningful, necessary changes can be implemented…

Each party is constantly jockeying for power, positioning themselves for advantage in each upcoming election. Every action is controlled by political expediency.

POX Manifesto – “We need a new approach to our electoral process”

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