Sunday, March 27, 2011

Question of the Day: Should Creationism Ever Be Taught In Schools?

It's Sunday, and I've got to get these posts out! Yes, Sunday, the big posting day here at SE! The day that million of creationism believers go to church and learn that God did it all (maybe quietly behind the scenes, but HE did it!).

Should creationism be taught in school? I don't want this to be about public schools and constitutional issues of separation of church and state. No child should be taught a fairy tale as if it is science, so my answer is, certainly not in science class. Even if there's a truth behind the creation myths of various cultures, it's not science, it's philosophy and philosophy of religion. I would say that you can believe in God and assume evolution is true, which is evident also by the millions who at least say they are both religious believers and accept evolution as fact. There may be things to examine about orthodox neo-Darwinism that can lead to questions about its materialist assumptions, but those too are questions that (at least initially) can be kept within the confines of a scientific discussion.

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  1. Should creationism ever be taught in schools? Sure, why not? Just not in a science class, otherwise I get to come to your church and teach evolution during your services.


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