Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Cops Are The Bad Guys 5

Regarding police: I guess since the dozens of police officers I have encountered didn't beat me or abuse their power or really treat me with anything but respect, I have a hard time listening to people like you...-Bret "Ginx" Alan

Police Brutality: Blue Wall of Silence

There are more and more examples of police brutality and unnecessary excessive force in America. So why don't we see the media talking about it as a systemic problem rather than a single incident or even mention International Anti-Police Brutality Day?

DOJ: 'Disturbing' Cases of Cop Corruption in New Orleans

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Police Are Twice As Likely To Sexually Assault You And Five Times As Likely To Murder You

IT’S true! According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting statistics, between January 2010 and September 2010, 31 kops per 100,000 committed homicide and 73 committed sexual assault. In comparison to 100,000 of the general population (this includes blacks, whites, Mexicans, gang members etc) only 5 citizens committed homicide and 29 committed sexual assaults.

If you have a choice to mingle with a crowd of 100,000 kops or 100,000 citizens, it’s more dangerous to hang out with the police.

I’m still amazed at the number of Americans (mostly the older) who still trust persons wearing a uniform of authority. The older demographic was brainwashed so well they do whatever their preachers, police officers, politicians or judges tell them to do. It’s this “authority worshiping” and blind obedience that led America to its current police state that houses 25% of the world’s prisoners but contains only 5% of the world’s population. Our parents and grandparents were duped into giving away our freedoms for a pretended security.

It’s not the Muslim community or some non-American police force jailing all these Americans. Unfortunately, it’s our own Christian people and courts that are responsible for these mass social injustices and civil rights violations. If the Muslims were caging over 800,000 Americans per year for non-violent marijuana crimes, our Christian army would label the offenders “terrorist” and immediately begin bombing.

Police Are Twice As Likely To Sexually Assault You And Five Times As Likely To Murder You


  1. Wow, who knew I was risking my very life by asking police officers for directions when I get lost?

    Fucking pathetic argument made on anecdotal evidence, as usual. You can shit on cops all you want, Nikk, but you have no answer for abuse and you're wrong to make the stupid blanket statement that all police officers are abusive.

    This is my last comment here.

  2. This is my last comment here

    Good. I was wondering when this day would come!

    Anecdotal evidence? It's documented evidence of systemic, ongoing abuse built into the nature of a very aggressive state that criminalizes non-violent behavior.

    all police officers are abusive.

    I never said ALL (meaning every last one) cops are abusive in the sense of committing extreme brutality. Just another one of your pathetic straw men. What I have said, and maintain, is that all cops are criminals because they are engaged in a criminal enterprise on behalf of a criminal gang. It is impossible to be a cop and not violate the non-aggression principle. And those who do violate it deliberately (as all cops must because their job requires it) are criminals by definition.

  3. "Good. I was wondering when this day would come!”

    I figured it would be when his old lady finally kicked his ass out on the street and the local library caught him watching gay porn on the free internet connection with the public computers.


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