Saturday, March 19, 2011

Overtime Blues

I won't have my usual two days of unwinding from wage slavery this week. It's been pretty busy at work and they requested that people come in on their day off. I didn't want to, but to tell the truth, I need a little extra money. I have car insurance on my jalopy due at the end of the month, plus the usual bills, including what I'll "owe" the Federal gangsters on April 15.

Some declined the offer of more work, stating that it wasn't worth it after all the taxes are deducted. I feel much the same way, but every little bit helps. The thing is, most of my problem is not the car insurance (though I can blame the government for that one as well, due to compulsory insurance laws) which is a relatively small amount I can handle, but the income taxes that will be more than I'm able to come up with easily. And then, if it wasn't for all those taxes in the first place, I'd be taking home the money I need without having to work around the clock.

So, since I'm not unemployed and staying home all day while my wife works, giving me endless hours of free time to view porn and spew out anti-freedom vitriol posing as intelligent "original" blog posts, I may only have time to keep giving you all the videos, links and fun stuff I can that you just might not have seen before.

Don't worry, though, I'll still give the statists the ass-kicking they really deserve...after I get some rest.


  1. That makes sense, blame all your problems with private companies on the government... you know, the government which is bought and paid for by private donors that you want to run the world in lieu of any elected or accountable government. You really are delusional.

  2. What the hell are you talking about? I'm anti-capitalist and believe the workers should own and run EVERY workplace. Get your facts right (at least try) and learn what my actual positions are before leaving your moronic comments.


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