Monday, March 28, 2011

Media Bias in London Protest Coverage?

A protest involving up to half a million people in central London turned violent and resulted in more than 30 minor injuries and the arrests of around 200 people.

The Trade Union Congress, or TUC, organized the march in protest of deep public spending cuts. After what was reported as a “mostly peaceful march,” a break away group began busting in to high end stores and attacking police with light bulbs filled with ammonia.


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  1. I hope this doesn't go uncommented on here. I know how I feel, but I'm interested in what the SE crowd thinks of a few things regarding this.

    1) How do you feel about peaceful vs. violent/destructive protests?

    2) Is it irritating that the real uprising appears to be coming from people who are opposed to the cuts that so many conservatives, libertarians, tea partiers, Republicans, and Democrats are proposing?

    3) I keep seeing comments flying around the blogosphere that follow some structure similar to: "Why haven't people taken to the streets?" Now that it might be happening, how do people feel about it?

    I'd be happy to weigh in, though I think most people here don't care what my opinion is. I'm more interested in how the regular readers here feel about these events than in trying to insert my opinion into this particular matter (there's plenty of other issues I'll be happy to politically milk some other time, I'm sure).


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