Monday, March 28, 2011

An "Obama Is Not Eligible To Be President" Commercial

Where's the Birth Certificate?: The Case that Barack Obama is not Eligible to be President

TV commercials to bust Obama's eligibility wide open


  1. Two things:

    1) Of all the concrete things to criticize him on, you're seriously going to take the birther route?

    2) If one of the two main candidates in 2008 weren't a real American, it was McCain, who was born in Panama. But again, their birthplace was the last reason on my mind when I chose not to vote for either. At least Hawai'i was a state when Obama was born there (and he was born there, as indicated by his birth certificate on file there and birth announcements in local newspapers).

    Why do you provide traction for such baseless bullshit? It's embarrassing to even be remotely attached to birthers, and if you aren't red-faced for posting such nonsense, you should be.

    Also, I'm curious where people claim he was born, if not Hawai'i. Any ideas, or is it just a general distrust of his name and skin tone?

  2. Bret, where did I make any comment on this? I didn't title this "Obama is not eligible", just pointed to a commercial for a new book. As T.C. stated on another post: "I know some may interpret it as me agreeing with the link but nothing regular readers without an axe to grind can't figure out on their own."

    Also, I guess you never read this post of mine: Obama's Birth Certificate. There are some things I posted there I wouldn't necessarily post now, or at least I might present a little differently, but the whole Obama birth thing is a non-issue to me. However, the fact that it still is brought up and is taken seriously by many is something worth commenting on.

  3. Maybe because I see the job of a blogger as not being some aggregator of random ideas which are thrown haphazardly on the internet, but as a real person with real opinions which you're willing to express and defend. I might post this kind of video too... and then lambast it, because it's intellectually painful to witness. I probably wouldn't, though, because I don't think birthers are worth even acknowledging anymore. In fact, it's beginning to border on libellous. Even worse than ruinning Obama's reputation (which I care nothing for anyway), it's directing the debate away from what matters, which is issues.

    Despite what TC or Fox News might do, just throwing any stupid idea out there as equally valid and worth discussing is nothing but a symptom of the dumbing down of society. This is how ideas like "vaccines cause autism" or "evolution isn't real" get traction, because we have it in our head that we have to give everyone and their dumb ideas an equal stage. Not every idea is worth entertaining or even worth discussing seriously.

    I think it's a cop out to just post something and then say, "Well I don't believe it, I just wanted to expose other people to it and then discuss it, since the idea is out there." Obviously you'll blog your way, but that's not how I would do it, and I don't think it's very "skeptical" to just leave an idea unanalyzed like a piece of litter on the wayside of the information superhighway.


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