Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why I Post Videos

One could ask, why post anything at all? but then again, that's another story, kind of like asking why get out of bed in the morning? "Oh, but you've got to bet out of bed in the morning, you have no choice!" Don't you? Believe me, some people refuse to get out of bed. What happens to them? Suddenly they find themselves being yanked from out of their warm, cozy blanket cocoon by the strong arms of their angry mothers. "Get up and get ready ready for school! I'm not dealing with your crap today!" Oh, weren't we trained from an early age by the school system to be good little sheep who get up every morning to the sound of an alarm clock five days a week to go somewhere we hate because that's just the way it is, always has been and always will be? Do you think the capitalist bosses hate the public school system (where most children get brainwashed schooled) when it creates their compliant workforce for them?

So, why must I blog? I don't have to, and if you been watching the last few days or more, you'll see I've done less of it than usual. That's because I've been toiling away for MY bosses (the real bigwigs of the company), who drive around (literally, I'm not making this up) in brand new Audis, Porsches, Jaguars and Mercedes, while I have to get to work in an 11 year old Toyota, working overtime just to pay the bills. I must blog, frankly, just to keep from going crazy and deciding to staying in bed all day (as if how I'm living now isn't crazy).

So, to keep from going insane, I use this blog as an outlet, and I post, but not having as much time as I'd like to write and post "original" (a misnomer if ever there was one) material, I often just go for a video I like. That's one reason anyway, but how about some more?

I post videos because they're easy to post. Just grab that embed code and go for it.

I post videos because sometimes a video can get a message across more effectively than the written word. Like a picture being worth a thousand words, a video can state something more dramatically or in a more interesting manner, than a long article.

I post videos because words often can't describe things so as to get the true events in someone's mind. If a cop is beating someone to a pulp, a video gets the point of police brutality across much better than writing about what happened. Some fool might even say the writer might be exaggerating because they just hate cops, but a video can shine the light on the clown-costumed thugs behavior for all the world to see firsthand, with no interpreter.

I post videos because we almost live in a post-literate age. The percentage of the population that actually read books is shockingly small. Even online, these people are more likely to watch a video than they are to read a long post.

I post videos because YOU may not have seen them before or anywhere else. Yes, obviously the video is out there and available somewhere, but DID YOU see it before, or would you have found it on your own? I sometimes discover blogs that are all videos, nothing else. I mean, every post is just a video. I usually find those blogs boring (and so I understand the criticism of those who think it's an easy way out of really blogging), unless, of course, they're posting really good videos I didn't know existed. I have found blogs like that, and while I might wish for more from them other than videos, I have to thank them for posting good ones.

So, I'm going to keep posting videos here, because I like doing so, but mostly because I'm a tired, overworked wage slave and this very post has sapped all my remaining energy from me. If I don't stop writing now, I might just be tempted to get back into bed and call it a day.


  1. Sounds like me on many a cold morning. Videos just say it for me sometimes.

  2. Doesn't anyone drive a Citroen anymore?

    Visuals are more effective.

    Info-graphs can attract more attention than writing about something. Largely because it's hard to convert words into an image for people. For example, if we talk about government spending in words, it's just that if the person can't expand on the thought in their minds.

    But create an info-graph (or video) detailing it in full view, then it hits them.

    Like a brick.

    Thick As A Brick. Great album.

  3. Can't believe you dignified my complaint with a response... come on, Nikk, I'm not worth it.

    Though if I may be so blunt, I wouldn't say posting videos is a problem, even if you never wrote a single word of it. It's the nature of the videos you post that irks me, personally. So much stuff from Fox News, and if I see Gerald Celente's bloated visage ever again, it will be too soon.

    Frankly, I can't even imagine the flack I would take if I was linking to the Huffington Post or MSNBC newscasts or whatever it is people think is liberal these days. Maybe I'm more pissed that there isn't anyone out there representing me for me to lazily plagiarize; I have to come up with new material if I don't want to be grossly misrepresented by a bunch of whinging cry-babies.

    But honestly, defending your actions against my accusations? That's a new low, Nikk. You're better than that.

  4. Since the vast majority of videos I post have no association with Fox News, I don't understand your point. You may not like my choice in videos, but, for example, I don't think a video that says "I Hate Cops" would ever appear on the very pro-police Fox News Channel.


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