Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why I Hate Cops

How serendipitous! Bret the idiot was just spouting his bullshit on cops when lo and behold, I decide to look at what our friend Francois Tremblay is up to at Check Your Premises, and what do I find....

Via Francois Tremblay

Funny, but the guy in the video is kind of another Bret look alike (maybe a little bit, anyway).


  1. Not that blonde, and my face is definitely not that fat. Oh and I have the full beard with mustache, though I sported the Amish/Lincoln/C. Everett Koop neck beard when I was young enough to make such a generalized statement as "I hate cops." You know, back before puberty kicked in completely.

  2. Yes, because anyone who is against brutality must be immature. Moron.

  3. Everyone but a few really sick people are against police brutality, just like only a few morons try to claim all cops are abusive. You can try to pretend the argument is about abuse, but privatized security has the exact same potential for abuse, yet this is the "answer" I keep seeing.

    ... but ultimately there's no point in discussing this or anything with you guys. There's no fixing stupid.

  4. "There's no fixing stupid” yep little jobless bret is proof of that...

    Of course lil’ bret did not bother to listen to the guy say - “I know that not all cops are guilty of abuse” (in a nutshell).

    It was a rant on the monopoly of force.

    Of course "all cops are abusive” but all police forces know of police are abusive and cover for them - the tyranny of the “blue line” of CYA.


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