Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mark Levin's Constitution

Mark Levin, the high-pitched girly-voiced neocon (as opposed to genuine conservative) "Israel before America" lunatic, is an idiot. If he wants to play games with the U.S. Constitution to claim the imperial President can take us to war or any damn military adventure he wants (and why would a Mark Levin type want to claim this? because without such a dangerous presidential prerogative, the neocon agenda of a permanent American Empire is jeopardized, both by the containment of the federal government's ability to launch attacks on nations that pose no threat to us, and by the truly constitutional principles of limited government that obeying the constitution on the issue of war would have on the neocon dreams of unlimited power for the national government in matters both foreign and domestic, e.g, the PATRIOT Act, TSA, etc.) he'll have to grant the "liberals" their creative interpretation of the constitution that justifies all their otherwise clearly unconstitutional programs and proposals.

Tom Woods (a genuine scholar, unlike the ideologically driven Levin) takes on the neocon ass (have you ever listened to his radios show?) here. Mark Levin gave a hilariously bad response at his Facebook page, where he ends his embarrassing rant with this: "He's an activist who demands fidelity not to the Constitution but his ideology. The liberal activists do the same. Neither are originalists."

Hahahahahahaha! No, little girly shrieker Levin, it is you who resembles the phony liberals in making the constitution fit your political agenda.

All one has to do to prove Mark Levin's misrepresentation of someone such as Woods wrong is read the work, and I encourage you to read Woods (I'm currently reading Rollback).

How anyone can take Levin seriously on anything in the first place is beyond me (as is how he got on radio with that dreadful nasal voice). On his radio show all he can do when he can't take the heat is shout insults and cut callers off when he has no more answers. Pathetic!

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