Monday, March 28, 2011

The Nikkolas Jakson Daily is here!

That's right folks, your faithful editor is proud to announce the Nikkolas Jakson Daily News. Check it out:

The Nikkolas Jakson Daily

A Skeptical Eye edition is coming soon too! Watch for it!


  1. It's like the Huffington Post for conservatives... so I guess that makes it the Drudge report.

    One Fox News story and another story about a Fox News anchor, I can see where this is going.

  2. As usual, I spoke too soon; there's Huffington Post material on the site as well. Now if I can find something from the Drudge Report and NPR, it will officially be the most schizophrenic news on the web, outside of my homepage.

  3. I've linked to anything and everything I found intellectually challenging regardless of beliefs. It's just better to transcend ideology. I think anyway.

    I know some may interpret it as me agreeing with the link but nothing regular readers without an axe to grind can't figure out on their own.

    If my blog had a different lay out it could look like this on some level.

    Good stuff.


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