Friday, March 18, 2011

The Daily Lemon

A lemon is small, sometimes barely noticeable, but once you become aware of it, you can't take your eyes off it, or your mind, especially if it gets in your eyes. The daily lemon won't have any prettiness about it, it will be random, disorganized and chaotic. It will be sloppy, not neat and tidy. It will say whatever comes to mind, and even what doesn't.

Are those Japanese nuclear plant workers heroes or just stupid? I don't think they're heroes at all, just crazy indoctrinated conformists who have absorbed a culture's values that hates individualism and always puts the group first. There may be a few good things about that (no looting) but much that's terrible (we can trust our corrupt government, they know what's best and wouldn't lie to us, let's shut up and do as we're told, like good little programmed robots). They say they're not afraid to die, and that may be so, but that doesn't make them heroes, just unthinking fools.

Did Bret Alan's mama smoke crack when she was pregnant with the little poser? Dude has major issues, so I wonder if he wasn't also dropped on his head as an infant a few times.

Why do fat chicks so often describe themselves as "shapely" beauties? I know mirrors don't work when you're looking at yourself. Perhaps an instant camera system that captures the true you as you're getting ready in the morning would let people in on a horrible truth (and this applies to everyone) - you look much worse than you think you do!

I think the almond should kick the peanut's ass. Damn peanut isn't even a nut, plus he spreads who knows what toxins. Stop pretending to be something that you're not, peanut!

Finally, if I fail with this lemon, I may be out of here as fast as it takes Bret to write an "original" post.

-Lemon Lime


  1. I especially liked what you said about fat chicks.

    Good points overall.

  2. Mocking people who risk their lives for others... pretending you know who I am... making fun of fat girls (guys are okay, right fat ass?)...

    Stellar stuff. I bet your mom and the man who raped her would be very proud.

  3. Sorry, Brett, but we don't allow trolls here. Shall I pull up all of your "politically incorrect" posts, you fucking hypocrite?

    Oh, and little Brett doesn't ever pretend he knows all about someone, does he? Shove it, you piece of shit.

  4. Brett, go suck some more cop dick (I know you love pigs and they treat you so well, just the way you like it) while you praise banksters, capitalism and murdering infants.

  5. In a past comment, Bret, you confessed to being a deliberate troll who seeks to get a reaction out of your targets. Your hatred of the advocates of liberty drives your pathetic agenda, but it won't work here. Go play your game somewhere else, you sad little statist on the losing side of history.

  6. Having done some research on this Bret follow, it appears by his previous comments that he is a sociopath. Why bother with replying to him? Nick, why did you have him here at SE in the first place?

  7. Lime, off topic, but are you going to be doing your post (the Daily Lemon) 7 days a week, or just week days (Mon-Fri)?

  8. Ha! Didn't see your comment until I posted just now. Well, Bret was sort of interesting at first, but his bizarre, insane and incoherent rants just became tiring after a while. When he started wishing fellow contributors dead in vile language and told me repeatedly to go fuck myself, it was the last straw. Inviting him here was a big mistake. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  9. Yeah, now you guys can jerk each other off in peace.

    Lemon, he still likes the header image I made for him, he's just sick of me pointing out he hates cops because they're this close to finding the child sex slaves he keeps in his basement.

  10. Hey Bret, your old lady kick your “no-job-having” ass out yet and replace you with someone less shrill and not so pathetically narcissistic?

  11. Another pathetic trolling attempt by Bret the starving for attention baby. Nice try, loser, but it's pretty obvious that if anyone is a vile sicko with kids in the basement, it's you (I live out West, and we don't even have basements out here - I never even saw a basement until I was an adult).

    As for cops, as a statist who believes in might makes right and forcing non-violent people to do things against their will, I'm not surprised you're always kissing pig ass (do you like the smell?).

    Of course, you don't have to "hate" someone to recognize they're a criminal, and cops are criminals by the nature of their work. You sign on as a cop KNOWING beforehand that you'll be arresting (kidnapping) people for non-crimes like drug use.

    You, baby Bret, have a few encounters with pigs who are "nice" to you in a limited context and naively conclude that they're good guys. Sorry, but it won't fly, and cases of police misconduct and brutality (and even outright murder) are no longer isolated incidents, but are systemic, especially with the increasing militarization of the police for several decades.

    Now be a good boy, little Bret, and go back to your picture books and leave the adults alone.

  12. he still likes the header image I made for him

    Bret's obsessed about the SE header, his contribution that is apparently supposed to give him a license to shit all over the blog it was made for, without anyone challenging him, because, hey, HE MADE THE HEADER!!!

    He's so obsessed with me and this blog that he even sent me emails and went on about the header (and what an ingrate I am) after I removed his sorry ass as a contributor. Pathetic!

    Don't be mad at Bret, anyone, just feel sorry for him.

  13. Yeah, this place is really jumping with activity.

    *looks at the longest set of comments on SE since I left and laughs*

    Resume the back-slapping. Maybe if you get enough people to agree with you, you'll actually almost feel correct one of these days. Good luck with that.

  14. Wait.

    You never saw a basement?


    What a loser.

  15. I was definitely deprived of a full childhood, T.C.


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