Friday, March 18, 2011

Is Nuclear Energy An Acceptable Source Of Power?

The US government recommended that the Japanese government adopt a 50-mile evacuation radius to around the distressed Fukushima reactors.

That same US government approved nuclear facilities with the similar designs, GE Mark I boiling water reactors. Each reactor or cluster of reactors is within 50 miles of a the population area listed in the chart below.

That same US government recommends boldly pushing forward with more nuclear installations. It says nothing about the obvious dangers based on a history of flawed assumptions, testing, and performance review for the GE reactor type and the entire array of reactors in place.

Is this technology safe? Is it acceptable? Can we trust those in charge to tell us the truth? The answer to each of those questions looks more like no every day. - Michael Collins: Power Corrupts, Nuclear Power Corrupts Absolutely


  1. Thanks for running this excerpt from my article. It's simply not possible to conceive a way that nuclear energy is acceptable at this or any anticipated point in the future. We're just at the beginning of of the Fukushima I crisis.

    Take care, Michael Collins

  2. Thanks Michael, it was a great article. We'll be adding your blog to our blogrolls as well.


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