Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Slacktivist statists – please just shut your pie-hole!

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Something always creates a thorn in the side, whining statists “take the cake” for me.

I find Skeptical Eye frustrating... I see more criticism than I see problem solving.

Now that statement could be valid if it did not come from an admitted statist/leftist/slacktivist who simply wants “someone else to do something” and with “someone else's money” - how convenient!

So we can dig a bit deeper...

Most of the community service was done doing free manual labor ... Lesson learned: I hate helping people for free, and I hate people in general

 So we have an individual who wants YOU to do do something to fit a definition of “good and caring” - and pay for it with your money...

Some people are just too bothered to actually do anything but grouse about how you don’t get how important they are and how you should conform to a preconceived notion to gain any “respect” that may trickle out.

I will feel inclined to listen to slacktivists when I see some personal effort, otherwise please just pound sand.

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