Friday, March 25, 2011

Nina Paley: Against Copyright Tyranny

Nina Paley discusses why she chose to make her movie available for free online through a Creative Commons license. While she does not benefit economically from sharing content, Paley reports that many people still want to buy copies from her because it creates a "social bond."


  1. Copyright! Oh, I see, Ginx, you think you've pointed out an irony or a contradiction. I really wish I was that fallible, then I could excuse a lot without worry.

    The problem is, there are more contributors here besides myself. So, I just put up a general (you'll notice it does not state "All Rights Reserved") notice that simply says "copyright". That is true automatically under U.S. law, which says that a work is copyrighted from the moment of its creation (you don't have to file anything) so that notice is also simply stating a fact. I didn't know that indicated in your mind that I'm a copyright Nazi who will scream bloody murder and sue you for infringement of my precious intellectual property.

    Something you should also know is that I just recently removed (it was right below the notice you copy and pasted - now there's irony!) a Creative Commons share alike link. I did that because we have a new contributor who copyrights their material as "All Rights Reserved", so I didn't want any confusion in that regard. I plan to start putting that link on my original posts or create a copyright explanation page. In either case, your point is an empty one, since there's no copyright tyranny (and never has been) on the part of myself or SE.

  2. The lady doth protest too much, methinks...

  3. Well, honestly, Ginx, I really don't care what it seems to you.


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