Friday, February 11, 2011

The taste of multiculturalism

In some ways multiculturalism became a political system, blind, primitive, and without compromise.


  1. Ahem:

    The only people actually worrying about Islam are white assholes like that guy.

  2. Often I have posted about the reaction by leftist and progressive statists who are or just happen to be atheists, something is blinding many.

    Five to ten years from now this will not longer be an arguing point as the placation of a primitive religion will become standard.

    It wil not turn out well.

    Your statement that this is only “white” people is not correct.

    What is it about religion that the left gives them such a pass, a pass on the dangers of all three Abrahamic religions.

  3. It'd be fine if he attacked all religions, but here it just seems he's being bigoted

  4. I have seen pat run up one side and down the other Christian, Jew, and Moslem.

    Do you doubt that Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are dangerous religions?

  5. Stumping for Zion with a prooper British accent, while pretending it's about "multi-culti," that's got MOSSAD/Shin Bet written all over it. Either this clown's on their dole, or he's duped by their schtick.

  6. Equating multi-culti with "we must be slaves to Islam" is not the same as running down all religions.

    This guy's obviously smart, his comic timing and sense of subtlety in comedy are signs of a sharp intellect... TOO SMART to be gulled by something as simple as equating multi-culti and obeisance to Islam.

    No doubt multi-culti is something that often pretends at this, while aiming at that. To me the idea of multi-culti is more attractive than the people who say they're promoting it.

    But to leap from there to equating it with love of Islam, that's absurd.

    If this is just absurdist comedy, then never mind.

  7. "on their dole, or he's duped by their schtick”

    I have wondered that myself, but I think the laws against free speech and the propaganda that is part of European life. That I think keeps him on a narrow track, he is smart enough to not get arrested and get some points out.

    "absurdist comedy”

    Possibly, how about absurdist alarmist politics wrapped in absurdist comedy for delivery?

    I refuse to give religion a break - ever. Christianity in the US is dangerous, I do believe it is just a shade or two less dangerous than Islam and I would dread the influx of the desire for Sharia law in the host countries.

    If given the chance fundamentalist Christian wackjobs will start to follow the Bible - the bad parts like burning witches (that do not exist) as we see now in Africa with Christians that are supported with money from US Churches. Islam is stuck in the middle ages and its dangers are a bit more illuminated but the dangers exist in most religions the Abrahamic religions are just more familiar and more prominent where I live and travel.


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