Sunday, February 20, 2011

C.S. Lewis fails, part 2

"Mere Christianity” is primitive apologetics.


  1. It's apology for those who already think they're "Christian." It's not meant to convert anyone.

    I don't like Christianity any more than any other religion, and I don't like most regligions, but as intellectuals and thinkers go, Lewis is a pretty good one. Shame his Xtianity makes people snub him. The Screwtape Letters is a very funny, clever book, even if it is ostensibly about helping become a Christian (by highlighting the efforts of a minor emissary of The Devil in turning the neo-Christian away from God and toward Satan). It's very funny, IMO.

    I don't recall ever reading any Lewis where he was telling people they were bad for not being Christian, or telling others they MUST be Christians. His is a personal, intellectually influenced form of faith. His whole view in a nutshell could be said as "lead by example, not by preaching."

    What's wrong with that?

  2. Religions I can tolerate:

    Flying Spaghetti Monsterism
    Unitarian/Universalist holism

    Not all religions are meant to enslave, though the great majority ARE.

  3. Apologists are disgusting, Lewis in particular was willing to lie, ignore logic, and promote an irrational faith and used his intellect to do it - in the end he was willing to be dishonest or allow his delusion to excuse his dishonesty for a “cause.”

    I have found that most apologists are greedy or delusional prostitutes willing to lie to gain something, many are parasitic narcissists.

    Apologetics for the Abrahamic religions make be sick in the same way extreme fetish porn does.

    Even as a kid I was turned off by his writing.


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