Thursday, February 24, 2011

Medical Marijuana: A Drug for All Ages?


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Again it's the Republican Party that is for BIGGER government!

...Montana’s 2004 medical marijuana bill is currently up for repeal.

The House passed the repeal last Saturday 63-37. Get this, all 63 yes votes from Republicans - only 5 GOP elephants joining the Democrats’ no’s

The Republicans may be marginally better than the Democrats on some things, but they are much worse on many others. I do wonder if those Democrats voting against repeal in Montana realize they are pro-nullification, and are in favor, in this case, of nullifying Obama's Federal drug laws. Hilarious!

And I'd bet all of those hypocrites "concerned" about children using pot don't give a damn about the fact that over 25% of American children and teens are on an ongoing Big Pharma drug prescription.


  1. Name one thing Republicans are "marginally" better than Democrats on.

  2. Watching the "testimony" before the MT House recently was a real treat. Examples:

    "In my neighborhood is a Med MJ facility, and I saw them digging a hole out back. Who knows what they're putting in that hole? Dead bodies?"

    "I do not want to raise my children in the presence of a dangerous drug!"

    "Medical MJ is nothing more than legalizing criminal behavior. I demand its repeal!"

    the one statement I didn't hear, but that's probably because I was not tuned in 24/7/365:

    "Why don't you dirty hippies move to a desert island? Either that, or take Rx like most of us normal people?"

  3. Aspirin kills more people per day than cannabis has killed in history. If only "The Matrix" was better after taking an Aspirin...

  4. The turning point for the legalization of Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis is (or should be) around the corner.

    The legal industrial, recreational, and even nutritional use of hemp fibers, seeds, and other parts would be a general benefit to the US.

    This of course started as a tricky “stamp issue” and grew, just as other non-constitutional statist encroachments.

    Of course it is delusional to think that the current false parties under oligarchical control are anything but marketing arms of the same puppet master.


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