Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Real Movement of the People

When the suckers of corporate cock (i.e. right-wing Republicans, conservatives and Libertarians) have failed to sell real people on the bullshit lie that unions are to blame for the woes of America. As protests enter their second week in Wisconsin and with the nation joining in today, the verdict is clear: Americans aren’t buying the bullshit of the manufactured fantasy behind scapegoating unions.

Unions represent the people in them, not the ownership class. Unions provide the poor and middle class recourse against the stranglehold that the corporate establishment has on both Republicans and Democrats. Where Democrats have failed to provide healthcare, unions have provided their members with this essential life-saving benefit. Where Democrats have slacked on allowing wages to get to a point where the poor work 2-3 jobs, unions have fought to keep wages rising at the pace of inflation and cost of living increases.

I don’t like unions, personally, because I think unions are too small, too self-serving. A teacher’s unions is great if you’re a teacher, but who is fighting for the working rights of janitors? If the government actually represented the people and made a concerted effort to raise the standard of living for the average person, unions would be redundant. That unions exist at all is evidence enough of the class warfare that is being waged by the elite few against the vast majority.

While the Tea Party has proven itself to be a purely artificial, meaningless gesture by disconnected right-wing pawns, the real people’s movement is making itself known… despite only a fraction of the media coverage of the Tea Party. It shouldn’t be a shock that there was more attention given to the empty shell “movement” engineered by Fox News and represented by their aging, melanin-challenged viewers. A movement started by media outlets is bound to rely on flooding news coverage with their message.

And yet despite being underdogs, despite lacking the connections, despite a lacking the planning and media organization… more people were willing to spontaneously swarm Madison, Wisconsin to defend the only institution still functioning that prevents dickhead Republican leaders from dumping on hard-working Americans when it is wasteful and corrupt Republican policies which have gotten us into this mess.


  1. Not unions, Bret, public employees sucking the taxpaying middle class dry with their tax-eating parasitism.

  2. A+ for accurately imitating the "liberal" or "progressive" view, Bret.

  3. Just like the delusional bret to say that parasites are “workers” and that libertarians are the same as republicans. What a cock sucking fuckwit homo jobless parasite. How long before his sugar momma throws him out?

    He is never “skeptical” and follows the indoctrinated clueless left, I wonder why he is here outside of resident clown.

  4. Yeah, they're just teachers, not bankers or part of the oil industry or war machine... you know, "real jobs" that get the hand-outs that could be going to people to actual contribute to the community.

  5. A+ for accurately imitating the "liberal" or "progressive" view, Bret.

    And your comment gets a B for being big business's bitch.

  6. Continuing the trend, I see. Another A+ for that last remark. But downgraded to a flat A for awkward alliteration. You sure you're a liberal? Most meritocratic liberals wouldn't mess with alliterative device, except in nursery-rhyme-ish talking to their newborn infant.

    Not to worry. The baby-talk ends for Liberal Parents at age 1 week, from which point the baby is addressed as if he/she were a 50-year-old university professor. Junior/ette clearly is a genius, s/he came from Liberal parents, so there's no need to address Junior/ette as a child.


  7. they're just teachers

    Keep telling yourself that. In reality they're not teachers at all (as the results of their "teaching" in Wisconsin shows). I mean, their poor victims can't even read at a decent level.

    What are they really? They're indoctrinators, making sure the next generation becomes good little compliant, unquestioning morons and wage slaves, serving the corporate-state system of capitalist, statist tyranny, being "good" citizens who play the game and "vote" in phony elections that don't change anything, so the real powers remain in charge, and we can pretend the people control the government.

  8. But Nikk bret loves indoctrination, it is the only thing that keeps him warm at late hours... The best he can do is regurgitate propaganda and leftist hate. Such a sad little parasite, I feel lots of sympathy for such a deluded creature.


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