Sunday, February 27, 2011

Walter Block: "I favor the union thugs"

More than a few people have asked me where I stand on the controversy between Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and the public employee unions against which he is contending.

I favor the union thugs, not the government thugs. For me, it’s like Stalin versus Hitler: a pox on both of them. But, I like to root for the underdog, the weaker of the two bad guys, and that’s the union in this case. I do so because I want the fight to long continue, so that both are weakened as much as possible. The state has more guns, better public relations (they have bought off more journalists, intellectuals, clergy, and others of Hayek’s “second hand dealers in ideas”) than the unions.

So, if we want the battle to weaken the both of them, we must support, ugh (no, double ugh!) organized labor. Also, it is my judgment that the government is a worse violator of human and economic liberties than are the unions, bad as are the latter.-Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Versus the Public Employee Unions

The essence of Block's argument is that this is not a battle of less government versus more government, but a battle over who controls the loot. There is a strong anti-public employee union stance by advocates of freedom, which is great, but somehow this anti-union attitude is being transferred into support of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Despite heavy propaganda otherwise, Walker is not a free market guy.-Economic Policy Journal.

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  1. Walker isn't a free market guy, not literally. He's a fascist (by Mussolini's definition) and that's why he dislikes labor unions -- he wants all power to be acceded to the corporations... which he equates with the government. It's an authoritarian, top-down (as opposed to bottom-up) perspective.

    The term "free market" is distorted now. It is a buzz-phrase used by the GOP to get voters to support fascist policies. And there's nothing free about a market that is controlled by a merger of corporate business interests and government spending/regulation/enforcement done for the benefit of those businesses. How can a market be free when it's favoring those who already have disproportionate power over the supposed market participants?


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