Monday, February 28, 2011

Diving Ducks

Every once in a while, you've got to clear away the toxic waste by posting something, anything.

My favorite comment on this video was this: "I'd dive too if I was being recorded for no reason."

It reminds me, though, of my childhood. Our (that is, my sister and I) parents always tried to do little things to keep us entertained when we were young. One was going out to eat somewhere where the experience was about more than just stuffing our little faces (though I remember enjoying that, too), and we had regular restaurants we would go to. One was a seafood place, with its own little artificial lake (I say lake, because they advertise it as such, it's really more like a giant pond) out back. The pond/lake was occupied by a whole lot of ducks, and a few geese. They had vending machines with duck food, but you could also bring your own bread or whatever. So, sometimes before, but usually after, our meal, we'd head behind the restaurant to feed the ducks. That was our big thrill of the night. If you threw some popcorn (what those vending machines had at first, later switching to some kind of pellets) into the water, the ducks would go diving for it, often several of them at once. This video just reminded of that and brought some of those fond memories back.

What did one duck say to the other when the first one said how nice it was of people to throw them bread? "Yeah, but it's always stale!"

I don't know why feeding ducks seemed to be such a big thing back then. One time we went to visit my aunt and her husband and my two cousins. They lived a ways north of us, so when we got there, when it was time to "do something" and leave their apartment, my aunt grabbed a huge plastic bag full of old bread she'd been saving and off we went in their station wagon to the local lake to "feed the ducks".

Didn't take much to entertain kids in those days.

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