Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cyber Allies

It’s been a fun day on the internet. I got to help take part… I mean innocently witness the taking down of the Koch Brother’s website as the fight for unions in Madison was joined by Anonymous (the amorphous group of online vigilantes who have been defending WikiLeaks, ridiculing Scientology, and making fun of the families of kids who kill themselves).

It’s fun, watching the youth of today work themselves up into the politically active malcontents of tomorrow. While I hate most of you fossils who limp through here regularly, my 27 year old self is downright ancient compared to those who orchestrate these sort of “attacks” (it’s more like a virtual sit-in than an attack).

This largely teenage hodge-podge of outcasts, nerds, geeks, dorks, dweebs, and losers have made themselves a force to be reckoned with, not in the actual damage they do, but in the attention they can bring to an event (though in the case of the already hyped Madison protests, Anonymous is small potatoes and their involvement will probably go largely unnoticed).

I don’t know how anyone can see some of the things going on in the world and not feel compelled to really do something. Not post a stupid video where somebody else gets angry, or quote from an editorial written by a do-little desk jockey without any real connection to reality.

It’s not enough for me to read about someone who says they have their thumb on the pulse of the nation, I want to stick a needle in its vein and shoot it so full of speed it wakes up from the fast food and beer coma (Charlie Sheen, we need whatever the hell you’re on).

It’s not about convincing yourself or anyone else that you’ve done anything, because pride and prestige mean fuck all in the face of oppression. It’s about at least trying. Most people have given up, especially the tired old yuppies. The day you stop trying to change what’s wrong with the world is the day you’ve become part of the problem.


  1. The Koch brothers can go to hell (and will go there if there is such a place). They pose as libertarians, but they're anything but. They seek to use the state for their own enrichment, and are far from being supporters of any kind of real free market.

    They're more dangerous than outright leftist statists (as opposed to a leftist anti-statist) because they have moronic fake "conservatives" and pretend "libertarians" on their side, phonies who are masters at equivocation, and propagandize for the present system of state-supported capitalist/corporate privilege while selling us the bullshit that what we have is the free market.

  2. I don't think the Koch Brothers are any worse than, say, Michael Moore.

  3. Michael Moore is another phony, who still pretends to believe that Obama can be made to see the light (while shilling for him and the phony "democracy" he represents). Fuck Michael Moore!

  4. Charles, suck a dick. Why don't you address what someone says instead of deflecting things and trying to equate one side with another... as if you must be on one side or the other or the two sides are equal. They are not. Michael Moore (regardless of what you think of him) is no where near what the Koch brother are, and you're a fucking retard for bothering to bring up your dislike for him.

    You're a fucking moron and your distractionary "look over here" tactics fail, you worthless piece of shit.

  5. I did address what someone said, Bret. I just didn't address it the way someone wanted me to.

    Thank you for your attempt at condescension.

    If you missed my point, please say so.

  6. Charles, bret is to fucking stupid to actually “get” anything that is not approved on his several PC indoctrination sources.

    Funny how a parasitic sack of vomit like bret can talk about worthless.

    Always talking about dick, bret should just come out and quit bothering legitimate homosexuals. You almost want to ask when bret’s sugar momma is going to stop paying for his access to gay porn and make him get a job, or even better find someone not so fucking stupid.

    A plus for my bret impersonation today.

  7. Radio, you're getting good at it. Does make me wonder about his obsession with the male member.

  8. If you missed my point, please say so.

    I got your point, your pathetic "point" was an attempt to equate billionaires who influence elections with a liberal who makes movies which have no effect on society. Your false equation implies I have to somehow side with Michael Moore or that the fact he exists means it's a balanced world.

    You're full of shit and you failed to address what was being presented, instead decided to say, "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain."

  9. And bret shits all over everything again, why is stupid here again?

    Comic relief?


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