Saturday, February 26, 2011

Privatized Isn’t Good Enough?

Unions are private organizations, which is supposedly something you libertarian shit-for-brains love so much. It enables groups of workers to stand up to the slave-maker, without using that dreaded “government” you all hate so much.

So why are you numb-nuts so pissy in your pants over unions?

Oh right, because you’ve been told you hate them.

Fucking twat waffles, all of you. There is no point is trying to present my view on the matter, only my utter disdain for your deplorable and baseless views.

Eat shit, you fucking cunts. Enjoy being wrong as real people rise up against the propagandists you worship.


  1. Am I supposed to take this post seriously? It's a fucking joke, isn't it?

  2. Just another bizarre rant from Bret. Move along people, nothing to see here.

    And those losers in public employee unions work for the state, enforce the tyranny of the state, and steal from the real producers, those in the private sector. Can't you ever get it right?

  3. Unions provide another level of management to beg the capitalist or state for just a few more table scraps. I would say a syndicate would represent property rights more accurately allowing each person to maintain ownership of the product of their labor. Unions are just a way to control the worker not to give the worker control or ownership. You still beg the capitalist owner for some wealth from the profit he made off your labor.

  4. @Punk Johnny Cash

    Well, yeah, I agree with that, too. The real goal should be real worker control of the workplace.

  5. Yet again more drivel from a delusional stupid fuckwit...

    Why again is bret posting???

    I thought the title was Skeptical eye not “continuous state approved indoctrination promoting screeds” spewed out from a sexually repressed parasitic moron.

  6. Well bret because nobody here recognizes your delusion of superiority why don’t you fuck off little twat.

  7. Some private organization contract with the state to keep non-violent drug offenders in jail.

    When a private organization directs itself to partake of the public purse it is as bad or even worse than the official "public" organizations (in reality government which is not the same thing). Take black water or chemical companies that manufacture chemical weapons as just one example.

    Unions are just fine where a capitalist has some sort of unfair advantage in the marketplace, and the union can exert a counter-pressure to it.

    However public employee unions are directed primarily at getting other to extract more money for themselves at the point of a gun. This is clearly objectionable no just because of the force, but also because there is no real clear need as governments aren't formally driven by profit.

    There is also a secondary directive of these unions to protect employees against dangerous conditions, and termination for arbitrary or political reasons. Government not being formally profit driven, is especially likely to use such considerations in hiring and termination. Thus unions might not be objectionable in such a capacity, though they often are because they often extend to protect gross incompetence and even malice of public employees.


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