Monday, February 28, 2011

News Alert: People Having Unconventional Thoughts

Tom Woods discusses the Associated Press article, "Tea Party Vision for Montana Raising Concerns." People in Montana have adopted unconventional views about how to reverse federal encroachments. We are supposed to be concerned about this, instead of about the encroachments themselves.

State Nullification

This is my favorite, this is from [Democrat] representative William McChesney, he says, during the sovereignty declaration debate..."I say to you, this is America, love it or leave it."

So he digs up this old right-wing slogan, that he's now gonna use, and there it is, that's what's happened to progressivism. The progressives are now all nationalists. For some reason they think nationalism, in spite of the whole testimony of the twentieth century, nationalism is a progressive force.

Well, whatever happened to "question authority", which is what the people in Montana are doing? "Question Authority" has given way to "Shut up and obey!" And whatever happened to "Small is beautiful"? Well, apparently that only applies to gardening or something. But Small Is Beautiful does not apply to politics, because 309 million being governed infallibly by one city, well, that's just the right size.

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  1. They don't know dick about Montana. They might do well to ask a cross-section of Montana residents, but instead they cherry-pick from statements made by obviously ignorant and uninformed people.

    There are people all across America who have naive, uninformed views. What the writer fails to grasp is that Montana has always been a state full of people who want the Feds to leave them alone.

    There has been an influx of yuppie pwoggies in the past decade, and those dipshits want desperately to turn Montana into one huge Aspen, Colorado... but they aren't representative of the historic character of MT residents and their attitudes toward the Feds.

    That article reads to me like something written by someone who can't pull his mouth off the government tit.


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