Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bret's Wish Coming True?

"If everyone's DNA was on record, how could that be abused?"-Bret "Ginx" Alan

With nothing more than a swab of saliva, security officials can use the device to obtain genetic intel in less than an hour. The results reveal personal details about one's ethnicity, race and lineage. Current DNA tests can take several weeks.

"This can be done in real time, with no technical expertise," Richard Selden, the executive chairman of NetBio, the company that devise the scanners, told The Daily. "DNA information has the potential to become a part of the fabric of day-to-day life, and this facilitates that process."


Jim Harper, the director of information policy studies at the Cato Institute and a member of the DHS privacy committee, called the technology a game-changer, and one that officials are rolling out too hastily.

"There's going to be a rapid migration into collecting more DNA from more people," he said. "We're plunging into the unknown here."

Genetic Patdown: Homeland Security Plan for DNA Could Quickly Lead to Other Uses, Abuses


  1. I don't understand how asking a question implies it's my wish. And the fact that you pussy out yet again and refuse to even try to answer it makes me wonder if you are capable of doing so.

  2. [Also, why would you choose to once again bring up a conversation where you defend pedophiles on flimsy ideological grounds? Are you seriously proud of the fact that you think we shouldn't make a concerted effort to curb pedophiles?]

  3. Bret, I didn't "defend pedophiles". You're trolling again (and failing), so I won't bother responding.

  4. Oh, but just so everyone reading this is aware, Bret, the defender of children, supports legalizing the murder of newborn infants (and unlike Bret, I didn't just pull that accusation out of my ass or make it up out of thin air).

  5. Oh, yes, bret the resident idiot troll yet again provides his contentless drivel for all to see. Of course he is too stupid to understand that we all just have pity on him (when he is not playing the part of an asshole). It is sad because he is just now making note of the fact that he has no talents and went to school to be educated far above his abilities. Little bret will linger on as a bitter hollow parasite cursing the world for not recognizing his imagined superiority.

    Getting good at this imitation thing...

  6. Nikk, you clearly didn't even read the whole article, nor did you understand the greater context of the article.

    As I point out that I would never do it and I find it disgusting (though you have no reading comprehension skills, so you can look for those keywords in it if you think I'm wrong), the fact that you claim I advocate for it pretty much cements your idiocy. Thanks for making my point, pedophile defender.

    The point of the article was also to show that people (like your crasy self) on the right demend crazy ass things and then seem to demand some sort of negotiation that results in a "compromise." People like youself argue for the complete abolition of the government as pointless (stupid), you have written several articles saying every police officer is a criminal (bullshit), and you basically expose yourself to be a complete retard with every post (or reposting of non-original ideas).

    You're a pawn for rich, selfiish pricks, and it's utterly pathetic.

    And again, you can't even explain to me one situation where a DNA library could be abused. Fucking moron. Try distracting us with one more completely non-argument in favor of your bullshit views, it might almost make you seem like you've had a thought... ever.


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