Monday, February 21, 2011

I think I'm becoming a misogynist

I rarely go this deep into my personal life, but what the hell. I have to blow off some steam.

A woman I slept with less than a week ago is not talking to me because I couldn't hang out ONE NIGHT LATER. Why couldn't I hang out? First, because I was working late, and second, because I was sick with a cough and the chills. But in a woman's over-analyzing mind, I am "blowing her off." Yeah, that's it, I think you're garbage and never want to see you again because I needed one night off. Even if I'm down to hang out with you the entire rest of the week. WTF!!!???

Women are so fucking irrational and frustrating. It pisses me off. I hate you all. I hate the entire gender.

(Just kidding girls, you know I love you ;)


  1. Sorry to say; but I am tired of men who judge a woman by her appearance (fu**able), and have no interest whatseover in her character, her maturity, loyalty, intelligence etc;... then when they find out Ms. Fu**able is an idiot, jeolous, immature slut; they blame all women!

    Take a look in the mirror at the quality of women you find attractive for the small mind in your penis, who seems to rule your life... and take personal responsibility for the choices you make regarding which whores and sluts you choose to f**k!

    If I chose to spend my time with idiot males who have no critical thinking faculties, who are ruled by their penises, and whose minds have been brainwashed by conventional GENDER RELATIONS BULLSHIT; I too would hate all males!

    I don't; cause I simply ignore those brainwashed morons, whom I don't even consider 'male'; they are closer to being two legged animals. They don't deserve to be called 'human' or a 'man'. A man is someone who can use his critical thinking faculties, and has taken charge of his penis, as simply one of his bodily parts, not his entire life purpose.

    I wouldn't go on a date with such a two-legged neanderthal, if he looked like Brad Pitt and drove a ferrrari; what would be the point? He does not know what it takes to be a MAN. What does it take? HONOUR????

    Think about it!

    1. Merry me.You are the first women i have seen talking about male positive qualites like that.All women i have met in my life just wanted childish things.And trust me, i only date women who at fist sight look intelligent , college gradutes etc, all of them just wanted trival stupid things.

  2. Andrea, no idea where that came from.

    Cork: if you hate it so much, try dating a guy. No? Ok, that's what I thought :P

  3. This is probably one of the best examples of a Gamma post I've ever seen. Seriously, a better response would have been an indifferent one.

    Cork, have you considered that your personality attracts crazy, co-dependent women? Usually, domineering, co-dependent women will hone in on men who will allow themselves to be living doormats.

  4. You could do what Vox Day would do: rape them. That will put them in their place.

    Also, that is some bona fide faggoty, closet shit you're posting. Masculinity is like sexual prowess: if you have it, you don't have to obsess about it, talk about it publicly, or criticize people for your perception of their lack-thereof.

    Something tells me you could explain to me in vivid detail what a cock tastes like in a bus station bathroom.

  5. And it didn't take long for Bret to expose just how worthless his advice is.

  6. It never takes long for bret the narcissist to expose how worthless he actually is.

    I don’t know why he bothered to get married, he thinks about “faggots” all the time and obsesses about the male member all the time.

    He is a troll, but the worst type of troll, one that does not recognize his own vacuous nature.

  7. And it didn't take long for Bret to expose just how worthless his advice is.

    Cry me a river, "gamma" bitch. Your insecurity is dripping off of you like semen on a sailor, you fucking faggot.

  8. Poor little bret, starting to call everyone retarded and faggot...

    Lets see, bret is jobless after his mommy and daddy spending lots of good money to get him an education (indoctrination). Lives with someone paying the bills and has the nerve to call someone outside of himself a “gamma.”

    What a fuckwit college puke.

  9. Better yet the more we review Omega is more the key for a narcissist like Bret.


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