Monday, February 28, 2011

Gerald Celente: Clowns Running Washington

The Middle East protests have fueled more than just a change in Democracy; it looks like these political outbursts will affect the gas pump as well. There are reports that crude oil could rise up to 200 dollars a barrel. Director of the Trends Research Institute Gerald Celente says the role of the Federal Reserve, interest rates and the potential oil crisis out of the Middle East could be detrimental to the United States economic recovery.


  1. Celente is wise, practical... and funny. I love the reference to Carney and the slang for carnival workers.

  2. Oh no, Americans might have to pay what Europeans pay... the horror.

    Well, thank god the automakers bought out and dismantled most public transit systems across the country, otherwise we might have been prepared and we wouldn't have been easily gouged.

  3. I'm pretty sure public transit vehicles run on oil products. Unless they're completely electric, which is the case in some places (i.e. Baltimore's "white snail" or Light Rail)

  4. Americans might have to pay what Europeans pay... the horror.

    It would completely collapse this economy if Americans suddenly were paying what they pay in Europe, and you know it, Bret.

  5. Also, in those European utopias, most of the high price consumers pay at the pump is tax, and yes, that is the horror.


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