Sunday, February 27, 2011

More Ranting

Obama should resign. He is a fucking corporate whore who deserves to be tarred and feathered on pay per view, with the proceeds going to the people his budget is fucking over.

I am so sick and tired of people on the right complaining about Obama for all the wrong reasons. Obama is a horrible president (not as bad as W, it’s tough to tell compared to Clinton… though he’s on pace to blow Clinton out of the water). None of you Retardicans should be doing anything but kissing Obama’s ass. If you voted for McCain, you should be doing fucking backflips over Obama’s decision to be your go-to bitch.

Obama might as well go out of his way to get himself assassinated, because that’s about the only way his legacy is going to survive intact.

Obama has not only carried on the wars, he has expanded the use of unmanned predatory drone (aka pussy drones) in a third country, Pakistan. Of course, he said this and I pointed it out a year ago. I’m shocked Obama came through on one of his promises…

I’m pissed about Obama, no doubt about it, but I can’t imagine how people who voted for him feel. Most I have talked to are completely in denial, and most cannot point to three tangible things he has accomplished, and the one or two they can name are invariably minor token actions

Usually, they mention allowing gay people to fight and die for the country that hates them, or begrudgingly declaring DoMA unconstitutional after a Republican congress has been seated… and very little for the +90% of us who aren’t gay or billionaires (no wonder Hollywood loves him).

But there are people willing to stand up for themselves on the left, and they’ve taken to the streets in a way the Tea Party never could (you know… sans oxygen tanks). There is no slick media campaign for it, there is no trendy name for it (yet), and there is opposition for it from both the left and [mainly] the right.

It has all the makings of a real people’s movement, and I hope it is the nucleus for a real third party, a real party for liberals, and a real party for people who had to get a job because their daddies weren’t rich.


  1. If you're talking about the parasitic teacher's unions in Wisconsin, there's no hope for real change or revolution or even successful third party movement there. As long as they can keep feeding at the government trough they're otherwise just fine with the status quo.

  2. Right, all schools should be private, that way only the few rich people less can go to school.

    Nikk, you are a know-nothing, platitude spitting dumb shit sometimes.

    Explain to me what your anarchist system plans to do with the 1.2 million people who are too disabled to even breath on their own. Explain what you plan to do with 2.9 million children who have no family.

    Literally explain to me your detailed plan of how you think that is going to happen without government and taxes.

  3. Charles, why are you even here? Need your fix of ideology affirming?

    All of you same-minded sycophants can sit and spin. You know nothing about what people in this country are doing, and you care nothing for some of the hardest working people or the non-union citizens who are surpporting them in monumental fashion.

    Get over it: you're so fucking wrong it's pathetic.

  4. I voted for that stupid bitch.
    I realize that I was out maneuvered like a beginner on a chess board, before the election ever took place.
    I'm not too invested to admit that he sucks big green donkey dicks.
    Things would have been just as bad or worse if McCain would have won.

  5. I'm here to show you love, Bret.

  6. Obama might as well go out of his way to get himself assassinated, because that’s about the only way his legacy is going to survive intact.

    It worked for Lincoln and JFK.

  7. He needs to stop being so weak. I cant honestly he believes in some of the shit he gave into. Tax cuts for the rich? Pussying out of healthcare? I think he's just taking the wrong strategy and alienating his base. He should be on the side of the unions. The problem is that anything he does gets 100% more hate that any other president. He has to be up for reelection and he is trying to survive.

    That pakistan shit i blame on the military now having more power than the president. I worry about our future.

  8. Things would have been just as bad or worse if McCain would have won.

    No doubt, but we would have a miniscule chance of having an actual liberal candidate in 2012, and I reject the notion that we are forced into a two candidate system. We should have a socialist candidate and a libertarian candidate, and the Repubs and Dems can jump into a pool of double edged razorblades for our amusement.

    He needs to stop being so weak.

    I don't know if he's being weak... or if he really is just an appeasement capitalist who believes the shit he's doing. Frankly, his intentions and "real ideology" mean nothing to me while he's a complete corporate crony.

  9. "you are a know-nothing, platitude spitting dumb shit” one of the funniest things from the fuckwit bret in a while...

    What a delusional parasite, how about getting a job and justifying some of that money your parents pissed off getting you a useless paper?

    Little bret, living the slactivist dream, narcissism uninterrupted by a job, sucking off a working woman, stroking his own ego over his confidence in his indoctrination.

    And yes bret, you stupid fuckwit, private schools are often better and cost less per student. The public system spends thousands pumping money and effort into bottomless buckets for no return.

    Some students are just not worth the money - look at you your parents spent all that money to get you papered and your talentless corpse can’t get a job - fuckwit.

  10. "his intentions and "real ideology" mean nothing to me while he's a complete corporate crony.”

    The funny part was expecting anything different, leftist and conservative idiots just don’t understand that the puppets from both sides only promote “marketing glurge” to get elected the masters are the same...


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