Monday, February 21, 2011

Discussion: Starving the Beast

Republicans bankrupted to country in order to cut all public programs they opposed. Discuss.


  1. I didn't say rate, I said discuss... you guys are so fucking stupid sometimes.

  2. Nobody wants to discuss anything with you, arguing with a narcissistic witless troglodyte with no substance serves nothing. It is the same type of entertainment as watching a small yapping dog run around in circles (momentary and trivial).

  3. What is there to discuss? Reagan and his economic team outright said this was their strategy, and Democrats certainly haven't bothered curbing the defense spending.

    Maybe churches should be taxed to make up the deficit.

  4. Maybe churches should be taxed to make up the deficit.

    I'm pretty sure we would have to end our wars, cut military spending, end oil and farm subsidies, dissolve the Department of Homeland Security, legalize and tax recreational drugs, and even then I think the rich are looking at losing their free ride.

    But yeah we could tax churches... I just worry this would lead to the same kind of unhealthy relationship government has with big business interests. Then again, I don't believe in taxing a group, only personal income. I don't like corporate tax, so I can't imagine it would be consistent to arbitrarily tax churches.

  5. Still more ratings than comments... which basically indicates to me how indefensible the other side is. Thanks for the confirmation of accuracy.


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