Saturday, February 26, 2011

An honest question for the 'right-leaning' SE regulars

This is a question I've wanted to ask for a long time. Unlike many of my posts, this isn't here just to be provocative and rile everyone up. I'm sincerely wondering:

Are you willing to bet your entire future on the fluctuations of the marketplace? That is, are you willing to unconditionally accept whatever outcome is given to you, even if it results in you being dirt poor or simply dead?

Please note that I'm not asking if you think you'll end up poor or dead, but whether you would accept the outcome if you did.

I know my answer: FUCK NO.


  1. Honestly Cork do you have a choice now?

    Would you rather have the freedom to stand on your own or dwell in a life where others have power over both the good and the bad?

    You never have to accept a bucket of shit as long as you are not a completely talentless, stupid twit.

    Why do we assume no compromise is available?

  2. Right-leaning people think they're amazing, that they have all of their success solely because of their hard work (they couldn't possibly be privileged), or if they are not successful, that they were being held down by some vaguely liberal, government tyranny.

    Some fools might call it narcissism, but I would use a less pseudo-psychological term and go with hubris.

  3. I should stress here that I have a full-time job in sales (yes, at a big corporation) and am obviously not living on the street.

    I'm also aware of the fact that if I had been born in Bangladesh, I would be working an unbearable job for next to zero pay. I'm just lucky enough to have been born in the US and to not be short or ugly.

    So my question stands. I know it's a difficult one to answer, but that's the point!

  4. What is "right-leaning"?

  5. If you think USA/Pinochet-style neoliberalism is "liberty," then you are right-leaning.

  6. How about if you are for capitalism (Ginx is) are against Anarchism (Ginx is) don't believe workers should directly control every workplace, but instead supports our current hierarchical system (as Ginx does), is in favor of the corporate Nazi intellectual copyright and patent laws (Ginx is), believe that we shouldn't worry about the government reading our private emails (Ginx doesn't seem too concerned), thinks the bankster system of interest is just jim-dandy and our economy couldn't function without it (see his exchange on usury here with a real left-leaner, Francois Tremblay), etc, etc.

    I hope to god this post wasn't inspired by the frequent criticism that Ginx receives here, because it's not about him being "left-leaning" (he's far from any real leftism) but because of the toxic atmosphere he so often creates (see his comments here at another blog) and his fallacious arguments and unfounded accusations against others.

    If you think USA/Pinochet-style neoliberalism is "liberty," then you are right-leaning.

    Since I'm unaware of any contributors here at SE (including myself, I'm an anarchist and anti-capitalist) or even many regular commenters who fall under that definition of "right-leaning", who the hell is this question supposed to be addressed to?

  7. I don't think it has anything to do with me, though I'm flattered by your obsession. Nikk.

    I'm pretty sure he's addressing it to people who think "free market" is a helpful idea, who think government can play no positive role in society, who think companies regulate themselves best, etc. Maybe I'm off, but Cork can confirm.

  8. You can be in favor of the "free market" without being a USA/Pinochet-style neoliberal.

    Do you want an unfree market, Bret?

  9. So the question is about a Fantasy America where capitalism kicks total ass and is loved by everyone, and government is a loving parent that nurtures and supports her kids?

    Got it.

    Sorry, I don't live in that fantasy world. But I realize it is the story told in public schools, to students, telling them what America is like and what its values are.

    Everyone needs a healthy fantasy or two.

  10. It depends. Is this poverty my own fault or due to circumstances beyond my control.

    The later group certainly deserves charity and support.

    Also a large network of mutual aide or charity is not incompatible with having a free market in capital goods.

  11. Nikk, what a shitty blog you linked to.

    Wait a second...

    As to Cork's question, depends what part of the market you're willing to stake your claim in - properties, land, bonds, preferreds, common, mutual funds, commodities, options, currency, precious metals etc.

    "Market fluctuations" on its own means nothing. There are ways to invest properly and intelligently.

  12. It's pretty telling that almost nobody here (except texlahoma) has answered the question or stayed on topic.

  13. Cork, you specifically addressed your question to "right-leaning SE regulars", then, you gave us your definition of right-leaning, which I pointed out does not apply to any regulars here that I know of, so...

  14. Nikk, what a shitty blog you linked to

    Which one? Oh wait, maybe we both have shitty blogs...

  15. Cork, maybe I misunderstand the question but it feels like a false dichotomy. I'm not so sure there's an all or nothing answer. Or that there aren't other options. Hence, it's not "telling" and why maybe it veered off a little.

  16. who think government can play no positive role in society

    Unless Cork is no longer an anarchist, he believes that, at least in the sense that the state (if you're using government and state synonymously; they aren't really the same thing) is an evil and a negative that diminishes the individual and is an obstacle to a truly free society, and that the ultimate goal should be a stateless society.


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