Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Warmongering Empire and the Bankster Controlled System Shoots Itself In The Head

Federal Reserve Causes Middle East Unrest

It's being reported that the main reason people are rioting in the Middle East is high food costs. So what caused the high food costs? I'll give you a trillion guesses.

The Butcher’s Cartel is worried that the Arab rebellion will make mass murder in Iran more difficult. Poor babies! But it’s time to remember that present Middle Eastern boundaries are entirely artificial, drawn by Britain and other Western colonial powers after they had dismembered the Ottoman empire in WWI. The colonial legacy may be breaking up almost a century later. The Arabs, like all peoples, deserve freedom, and self-determination, too. The CIA, MI6, and other covert agencies will continue to commit their dirty deeds, but I have a feeling that the oppressed peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan will no longer be satisfied with US stooges, and the same with the peoples of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, the UAE, and all the rest. Perhaps some of the great injustices of the treaty of Versailles in the East are being undone.-Lew Rockwell

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