Monday, February 28, 2011

Ending Planned Parenthood Subsidies: This Is Not About Morality

I am pro-life.  By this I mean that I am against abortion in most case, except when a woman’s life is in danger.  Even then, science may be able to develop technology to get around this problem with artificial wombs.

I’m sure this comes as no shock to anyone, seeing as how I am Christian.  However, I do take a different stance on fighting abortion than most prominent pro-life people.  I’d rather address the causes of the supposed need for abortion, rather than abortion itself.  Sexual promiscuity are the primary reasons for abortion and I believe that if women were to not devalue their marriage market value by being promiscuous, then many abortion clinics would go out of business.

Of course, this plan breaks down due to the government subsidizing abortions by funneling money to groups like Planned Parenthood.  The new Republican Congress has finally brought this issue up after decades of silence from the so-called moral majority oligarchs who have run that party.

For years, the Republicans have had the opportunity to take a stand and stop government subsidies that went to a controversial group like Planned Parenthood and they did nothing.  From 2002-2006, they controlled all relevant branches of government and did next to nothing about it.  I confronted a state delegate about it and he said he didn’t want to shut down the government over this issue.  Talk about moral cowardice.

The truth is, politicians are opportunistic slimeballs and will pay as much lip service as they can get away with.  For the Republicans, the past couple of decades has been about social issues like abortion.  The pro-life movement is the Republicans as the black civil rights movements are to the Democrats.  They have a seat at the table of power but they aren’t allowed to speak.

Still, this whole idea of removing subsidies for Planned Parenthood has nothing to do with abortion or morality really.  This has everything to do with fiscal sanity.  From what I understand, they are supposed to be a non-profit organization after all, yet they continue to post profits in the millions.  One-third of their funding is from the Federal government.

To be fair, none of the government subsidies they receive are supposed to be allocated for abortions.  But this line of logic reminds me of the time when we gave Katrina victims a $2000 debit card, which many then spend on booze and strippers.  In other words, you can tell them not to spend that money on abortions, but that doesn’t mean they won’t.

I heard former actor and talk radio show host today Jerry Doyle talk about how the Republicans in Congress were sent there to clean up fiscal matters and not deal with moral ones.  Unfortunately, he is wrong in his assessment on this.  The truth is, this does clean up fiscal issues.  I know it’s probably a small scratch in the fiscal insanity that our overlords in DC have created, but the Federal budget will be fixed by a thousand cuts, not one decisive blow.  That is the unfortunate truth of the matter.

In the end, cutting funding to Planned Parenthood is just one more step in the right direction, regardless of the morality behind it.  Depriving all non-profit organizations of Federal dollars will reduce the deficit, regardless of whether we like or not.  In the end, this is just one more thing that needs to get done.


  1. You're a piece of shit, you should know that.

    This was about cutting a small amount of funding that made female reproductive health (not a cent of which went to abortions) to women who are denied health care in this fascist system. You're a misogynist piece of shit who should take a long walk off a short pier.

    If you want to start balancing the budget, start with the billions in corporate welfare before you deny poor people benefits that amount to pennies per tax payer. Youre a myopic conservative piece of shit, I hope you fucking die.

  2. Wow, little bret is in raw form...

    Wifie must have cut off his subscription to his favorite gay porn website.

    Yep cut off all corporate welfare - every penny, cut the military budget to bare bones, pull out of the sandbox, shut down every foreign base, cut every penny to foreign aid and let Planned parenthood go back to giving money to the stupid poor to get sterilized.

  3. Youre a myopic conservative piece of shit, I hope you fucking die.

    Bret, to point out one area that isn't justified doesn't mean you support corporate welfare. Where did Swift say that? Please refrain from this type of insulting, rude, and mean-spirited language. You can express your disagreement without it (Swift is a fellow contributor here, and deserves a minimum of respect, which doesn't mean you have to respect his point of view).

    And yes, I know Radio also engages in certain types of comments, but he seems, as in this very thread, to mostly react to your over the top (and completely out of line) vitriol.

  4. I'm not a Xtian and I hate abortions in all cases except rape pregnancy.

    Abortion is murder. I find it strange that pwoggies and libbies don't see the murder, see only Fuck Convenience, abortion-as-birth-control.

    Just another place where Pwoggies and Libbies have their priorities ordered by hypocrisy and self-delusion, if you ask me.


    Bret, before you go trying to chop off my noggin, I suggest you read this:

  5. I engage in mirroring little bret for entertainment value and pointing out his stupidity, rudeness, narcissism, and indoctrination, what again does he contribute?

  6. Abortion except in rare cases could be prevented with a little thinking in advance, preparation, and responsibility. Abortion is simply wasteful.

  7. See, this is a prime example of you "not knowing what the fuck you're talking about, and letting your narrow minded religious bias get in the way of reality". As such, I'm not going to sit down and write out the twenty page essay that it would take to correct all your misconceptions here, shrug, and go "Christians, what do you expect, common sense".

  8. Actually, I don't have to respect anyone or their point of view. I have zero respect for assclowns who seek to stomp on the poor, and fuck you for telling me I should respect something that is monstrous and deserving of a swift kick in the head.

    You know who respects other people's opinions and agrees to disagree? Liberal pussies who get walked on like doormats. This ends now, and fuck you SwiftFagMark2 and fuck you Oxtrot for wanting to turn the female population in concubines.

    If you hate abortion, you shouldn't cut funding the to leading provider of preventative measures in the country. You are fucking retarded SwiftFoxMark, and I hope you're stabbed to death and lying in a pool of your own blood, bleeding out, crying like the bitch you are.

  9. Bret, you don't know how to argue like a man or a decent human being, just like the spoiled child that you are.

    You think you can say "fuck you" to me (the owner of this blog) just for asking (I said "please") for you to show some civility here? I even pointed out that DOES NOT mean you have to respect anyone's opinions.

    Still, you just don't get it, do you?

    I'm removing you as a contributor, Bret. I also want you out of here as a commenter. Don't ever come back.

    Just who the fuck do you think you are?

  10. Don't ever come back.

    Just who the fuck do you think you are?

    Which one is it, you contradicting censor nazi?

  11. At least Bret consistently shows an inability to rationally understand any position aside from his own.

    So he's got that going for himself.

  12. Cry me a river, bitch. You guys folded like table cloths when someone forcefully stood up for an opinion different than your own, and you quit like pussies.

    Charles, I hope you asphyxiate in a house fire. Fuck you and your whore of a mother.

  13. I also want you out of here as a commenter.

    At least until you are able to actually express yourself in a manner suitable to a real debate on important issues. I know you are capable of doing so, because you've often done so. I never said you have to like anyone or their opinions, but if you can't distinguish between a normal (even heated) exchange, and the kind of uncontrolled hatred and viciousness you sometimes spew out, then I'd rather you move on.

    You're smart enough to present your views without looking like a complete asshole, so why don't you do it?

  14. Awww, did you guys just learn what it feels like to post somethign and have violent, ignorant, mean-spirited bullshit fill up the comments underneath it? Welcome to my fucking world, you cry babies.

    Bunch of pussy hypocrites is what you guys are. When Giffords was shot and I made a post about how people might want to tone down the viciousness, where was all of this koombayah, let's all just get along peacefully bullshit?

    It's only a problem when you aren't the ones doing it. I can discuss things politely, I just decided to hold up a mirror and you guys were upset by what you saw. Not my problem, bitches. Go do the world a favor and hang yourselves.

  15. [Oh and by the way, I'm still here after months of shit bull shittery, and you guys couldn't handle it... what, a week? So fucking pathetic...]

  16. If you say the word, this can be the last comment I make here.

  17. The taunts of a 12-year-old at recess don't even cause me to change my attitude in the least. I appreciate you wishing me a painful death, but I have no interest in gay sex with anyone, including you. And if you want to have sex with my mother, I suggest you contact her, though I doubt she'll oblige. She's never shown any signs of wanting to have sex with preteens.

  18. So you think killing an intruder in your home should be illegal then?

  19. You guys folded like table cloths when someone forcefully stood up for an opinion different than your own, and you quit like pussies.

    You are seriously delusional.

  20. delusional

    It's spelled "observational."


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