Monday, February 28, 2011

Ayn Rand, Heroic Hypocrite

One thing most people know about Ayn Rand is how she railed upon the weak who took government hands-outs, the mooches who leeched off the superior elite. But she got a sobering dose of reality in her old age, when she found out she needed hand-outs in order to pay the medical bills to fight the lung-cancer she claimed cigarettes won’t give you (because government research is always wrong, remember).

But who can blame her… her entire ideology was centered on being self-serving, and I believe she earned it. She was right to do it… it just basically invalidates any philosophical integrity she might have.

But who reads Ayn Rand besides pseudo-intellectuals who imagine themselves as part of that superior, alpha-male culture that is modeled by Ayn Rand after a serial killer?

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  1. For once little bret I agree with you... I guess a thousand monkeys can eventually, actually produce a paragraph of Shakespeare.

    Good job monkey, I know what banana you want.


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