Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Brief Explanation of my Curtness

I’m deliberately more likely to simply fly off the handle when posting on SE these days. It occurred to me that despite wasting hours of time composing carefully worded expositions detailing my opinions, I can expect SE regulars to ignore what I posted and write between the lines what they want to read.

I liken it to getting all dressed up in a tuxedo to participate in a rodeo. There’s no point, really, because a civilized and elegant appearance to begin with will still result in me getting dirty. I don’t mind playing in the mud and cattle dung with you guys, but I will now dress appropriately.

I’ve also taken to not bother watching videos posted or fully reading all posts I comment on here, because I figured I would return the favor.

Carry on, shit faces.

PS: Please keep rating stuff low (I can’t climax unless I get below 2 stars with four or five votes), but try submitting a comment. I know you guys are cowards, but come on you fucking pussies… it’s the internet. What am I going to do, reach through the computer screen and bitch slap you for being stupid? It says a lot about a group when they will wordlessly disapprove (or approve, for that matter) but not contribute a thought, and it leads me to think you lack any.

And not just my posts. Frankly, I would rather see more comments on Nikk’s stuff than mine. How many dozens of things does he post that get star ratings but no comments (or one completely off-topic one from me)?


  1. "composing carefully worded expositions detailing my opinions”

    That is funny, to think your incoherent scribblings in that way is precious.

    Most are likely just tired of reading your inane babbling keyed into a computer.

    Gamma fuckwit, get a job parasite.

  2. Most def·i·nite·ly after review have to change that from Gamma fuckwit, to Omega fuckwit.

  3. Come on now, those terms only apply to relations with women.

  4. Gamma and Omega apply to how much game you have with the ladies, at least as how Vox Day has observed it. Obviously, there are certain personality traits that will make you qualify in those categories, but by and large it doesn't pigeonhole you on other aspects of who you are.

    Note also that your classification changes depending on what environment you are in. You could be a Sigma in one social setting and an Omega in another. Although, I'm sure Sigma's have no trouble in most social situations.

    Plus you can always dismiss it Vox Day's whole theory of Game. I think it's a pretty good classification actually but hey, that's me.

  5. And here I was thinking you were a fan of Brave New World, or an animal psychologist. I know with animals, it certainly matters how you are ranked in a group among both genders...

    I get why men try to assure themselves by systematizing the world, imagining it's all simple and easy to understand. But when I see it, I think of women who read Cosmo; it's a bunch of bullshit (I am also reminded of Tom Cruise's character in Magnolia).

    The truth is, real alpha males seek alpha females, strong-willed, independent, intelligent (or as I see insecure men describe it: stubborn, argumentative, and threatening). Why would an alpha male waste his offspring on a woman whose genetics predispose someone to be a pushover?

    It seems like most guys who imagine themselves to be alpha males (or think of themselves as less and aspire to be) are just frail and vulnerable, looking for a woman to validate their masculinity.

  6. Of course there is just the typical bum that lives off an employed female.. too bad narcissists that go to college only to understand that talentless twits ends up without a job. Bret mooching off of a female that must be depressing (or your best dream) I guess some females like a “pet" or do not mind supporting a talentless fuckwit.

  7. I would say that the terms apply to more than just relations with women.

    Lets review:

    "Omegas - the losers. Even the Gamma males despise them. That which doesn't kill them can make them stronger, but most never surmount the desperate need to belong caused by their social rejection.

    Omegas can be the most dangerous of men because the pain of their constant rejection renders the suffering of others completely meaningless in their eyes.”

    That fits Bret to a “T” his narcissism is caused by his inflated self ego that is constantly crushed by reality. He lives in the South and hates Southerners ant the culture (in the typically indoctrinated leftist way). He is obviously afraid of his own homosexual tendencies yet claims to support them. His support for infanticide and geriatricide are just signs of a fear of responsibility most likely because of his inadequacies.

  8. Is someone without a job talking about me not having a job, I can't tell sometimes... it's almost like a stale, elderly smell wafting in the wind...

  9. Don’t know who you would be talking to bret?

    1. I thought you were so superior you were not going to spend another moment - Oh, thats right you just wanted the sandbox to yourself.

    2. A job is for working an overbooked business is a job, so to speak.

    Quit whining you talentless little narcissistic bitch.


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