Friday, February 11, 2011

Blog of the Moment: Vox Popoli

As I expected, the Tea Party is an ineffectual and ideologically incoherent joke. They don't see the intrinsic dichotomy of claiming to support small government while simultaneously playing totalitarian world police. Yes, the movement managed to get a few people elected to office, but that's totally irrelevant because, as we have seen every time that Republicans get elected to office, they support extending and expanding central government power. This behavior is as predictable as the phases of the Moon; it is the nature of the sort of beast who runs for office.

And despite the brave "well, we'll just throw them out again" rhetoric that we'll likely hear from the more principled Tea Partiers, I am confident that most of the 31 Tea Party-backed sellouts will easily win re-election with the enthusiastic support of the very people they betrayed. Notice, by the way, that it is Republicans who are pushing the Patriot Act extensions.-The useless Tea Party

Vox Popoli

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  1. Easy to criticize a shapeless, formless entity of banal evil, easier still when you use "the Tea Party" as the effigy you're hanging.

    Funny, but what I notice is that everyone who hates "the Tea Party" is a braindead "liberal" or "progressive" who is merely hating what Jon Stewart told him to hate.


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