Sunday, February 6, 2011

Is Taxation Moral?

This was a protest in which the morality of taxation was questioned. A number of peaceful individuals supported Joe as he paid his property tax in $1 bills. This afforded him and others time to ask challenging questions of the San Diego County Tax Collector, Dan McAllister. The idea was to bring to the government employees' attention the coercive nature of government. They said that no one had ever taken this sort of a stand in San Diego. The employees likely went home that night with more questions on their minds and more emotions churning in their bodies than they had experienced from a day's work before.


  1. Haha, love that answer. ^ Simply "no".

  2. Well you should leave the country then, because you're part of an immoral system and are every bit as guilty. How can you live with yourselves?

  3. Bret, are you ever going to stop using the "love it or leave it" fallacy? Of course, you didn't answer the moral question, but no surprise there.


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