Sunday, March 6, 2011

There is nothing to worry about...

Everything is going to be okay. Please do not listen to any of the "doom and gloomers", the "gold bugs", the "protectionists", the "armchair economists" or the "conspiracy theorists". Do you think that they know more than the highly educated experts in the Obama administration, the highly educated experts running the Federal Reserve or the highly educated experts on the mainstream media?

Yes, we have had some "glitches" in the economy recently, but very competent people are very busy fixing all of those problems. So instead of being obsessed with our "economic problems", you should just relax and have some fun. Baseball season is getting ready to start and all month fantasy baseball leagues are going to be forming. Now is a great time to join one. A new season of Dancing With The Stars is going to begin shortly, and this cast looks like the best one yet. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have been wonderful additions to American Idol this season. Did you see the dramatic unveiling of the "final 13" on Idol the other night? It was great television. A new Matt Damon has just come out and Justin Bieber just got a new haircut. Life in America is good.

Many of you already have to work two or three jobs just to pay the bills. Why spend your precious free time reading websites like The American Dream which will just get you all riled up about the state of the economy for no reason whatsoever?

There is nothing to worry about.

Everything is under control.

Don't worry, just be happy.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Unemployment Is Down, The Stock Market Is Up And The Economy Is Going To Be Just Fine


  1. riiight. Because those people are payed to "tell the truth" and not "brush the problems under the rug for the next 4-10 years" politicians always avoid problems that they won't be arround for the worst of. it's how they operate.

  2. Well-written post! I've enjoyed reading it.


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