Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Sweet Smell of Fresh Paint

image by basykes used under Creative Commons

"I can't breathe out here in the hallway!" That's what I said just the other day when I arrived at work and made my way down the corridor to the department where I slave away for my capitalist bosses. Apparently they've decided to spend some money sprucing the place up a bit (hey, the recovery is here and it's safe to spend that extra cash now!) so they hired a painter to redo all the interior walls and repaint them. All of the evidence of the late night painters activity was visible; tape on the doorways and trim, tarps on the carpet (which they really shouldn't worry about, it's so worn and stained that paint droppings could only improve it), rollers, paint cans and brushes, all along the walls.

The smell, though, it was nearly unbearable. The fumes were choking me and a lot of others, but our manager said she liked the strong odor, loved it in fact. I told her she must be kidding, but no, she replied she was being completely truthful, so much so that she longed to have her own place repainted just to breath in those lovely paint fumes and enjoy the richness of fresh paint smell.

What strange smells do you enjoy? I knew a kid who loved the smell of gasoline, and he would stick his head out the window whenever his dad drove into a gas station (that kid is no longer with us, by the way; some kind of "accident" involving a combustible). I had a cousin who as a kid loved the smell of cows and also was prone to sticking his head out the car window whenever his family took a Sunday drive.

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