Sunday, March 6, 2011

Christians Opposing Pot Legalization


  1. Jesus of Nazareth never said Word One about taking a brain vacation or trip with an ingested or inhaled substance.

    Not a single word.

    So this ain't about him, it's about "Christianity" (quotes = euphemism) and a desire to impose moral codes from the top down, not from the people upward.

  2. smoke weed everyday. There is nothing wrong with the occasional toke either, nothing in the bible or otherwise outright declares marijuana as a sinful practice, in fact if it is able to help mend the sick by allowing them to feel less pain and have better appetites and the many applications medical marijuana has proven why not embrace it through Christianity for the miracles it can produce.

  3. actually I don't care at all about those people who take drugs, so I don't mind whether they are allowed to use it or not

    and even if I took drugs myself, I wouldn't care because then I would smoke weed everyday


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