Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ken Cuccinell: It Is God's Plan For Me To Be Attorney General

It must be nice to have God's will always coincide with one's own ambitions and desires.

Ken Cuccinellis tells CBN News that God has a plan unfolding ... and that plan entails him being Attorney General of Virginia.

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  1. It's common for less-educated and/or less "sophisticated" people to turn toward a more fundamentalist religious perspective when the world they live in begins to collapse. I have watched an evangelical church in my town go from so small it can't get anyone to show up, to having to move from a large location to a huge one, and holding several sermons/week -- along with a skatepark, youth facility, summer camp, summer basketball camp, and concert series.

    There's another in my town that has done the same at a more upscale layer in our town's socio-economic system.

    Cuccinell is playing to those people. Virginia has a couple of big metro areas in Richmond and the DC halo, but it also has huge rural populations where religion has always been a bigger part of peoples' lives. He's trying to get them to pay attention to his Godliness and not what kind of AG he'd actually be, what his track record to date has shown.

    Pretty standard strategy.

    I think people waste a lot of hate & scorn yelling at the "Christians" who are becoming more vocal in America. Would be much better to try to see the commonality with them, but that requires a bit more patience while walking them through the commonalities, and while ignoring the religiosity.

    Get them to focus on their economic situation, the lack of jobs, the big bailouts' fiscal unfairness... not on God.


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