Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Voice Of AFLAC Duck Fired For Tweeting Jokes About Japanese Earthquake

How hard can it be to find a replacement for a duck voice?


  1. Good to see you're [still] advocating for private censorship.

  2. Another idiotic comment from Ginx, completely divorced from reality, just so he can make one of his illogical "points".

    I'm not endorsing AFLAC's actions, just posting a video about what happened, but under the capitalist system you support, they certainly have the legal right to dismiss their duck, and I know you love and believe in and think we should follow the laws of the state, enforced by those non-criminals (cops) that you also support, even when they enforce unjust laws, because signing up for a job that you know requires you to kidnap and imprison people who are not engaged in aggression against anyone doesn't make you a criminal.

    As for you, you were given complete freedom to write the most absurd and asinine drivel and express any contrary viewpoint you wished. You were dropped as a contributor only because you were behaving like an asshole (or at least, much more than usual - the shit of yours I put up with before that I should get an award, for tolerance).


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