Friday, February 18, 2011

Silver Bars! Silver Bars! It's Stealing Time For My Life Savings!

photo by sirqitous. Used under Creative Commons License

So, you take almost all of your savings and put it in silver bars, then store the bars in your house! Oh, but what if word leaks out through a trusted friend or family member...inside job (maybe)!

The two thugs, wearing what he described as fake police uniforms, unloaded a vault and spirited away with $750,000 in silver the man had bought as an investment last year.

The 52-year-old victim, still shaking after the robbery at his Imperial Street home on Feb. 9, now wonders who among his friends or acquaintances is behind the brazen midday theft.

“Obviously some friend, or friend of a friend, or friend of a family member was told and they leaked it to the wrong people,” he said.

It's interesting that the thieves chose to wear police uniforms and state they were investigating and looking for illegal drugs.

The home invaders initially told the victim they were investigating a domestic assault, then said they were looking for methamphetamine in his vault. One carried a gun.

Why would they dress like that and say they're after drugs? Could it be those crooks are wise to the fact that it is only the state that has a legal monopoly on the initiation of violence (and enforcement of imaginary "crimes" like drug possession), and that someone is likely to obey them if they pose as government thugs? If you come knocking as a common street thug, however, you might get a bullet in the head, something a law abiding citizen probably won't attempt when it's a government criminal in a cop clown costume, because such action would get the whole police apparatus of the state on their ass in a hurry.

I wonder why they didn't come dressed as private security guards? I mean, there's no disparity in power between a mall cop and a clown-costumed government police thug with the whole weight of state power behind him, is there? And, according to a very reliable contributor here at SE, private security guards are more dangerous and do worse things than the cops (though I haven't heard of private security guards routinely busting into private residences at all hours of the day and night, but that's a minor detail). Oh well, I guess it will remain a mystery why they chose the less threatening government cop outfits.

Anyway, this guy lost a lot of silver dough.

After punching him hard in the face and stabbing him with a kitchen knife, they forced him into providing the combination for his vault. That vault, about one metre deep and another metre wide, was stacked with what Chilliwack police describe as “several thousand ounces” of silver.

“It’s the bulk of my life savings,” said the man.

Silver has almost doubled in price in the last year, from $17 per ounce to just above $30.-man shaken after home invaders take $750,000 in silver

Silver rises to 30-year high! Mints start to ration coins

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