Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Who is really using fear to sell their agenda?


  1. I see article after article on here declaring Obama is everything from a Nazi to a Communist, and you have the balls to post this?The right would not even exist without fear mongering.

    Cognitive dissonance... it never ceases to amuse. How's the Kool-Aid?

  2. Well, pretty much every increase in power afforded to the state wouldn't exist without fear mongering.

    Oh, bank panics mean we need a central bank.
    Tyrant X, look! We need to go to war.
    Get strip searched at airports or the terrorists will get us.
    Draconian measures are needed or the world will overheat and population will lead to a Malthusian catastrophe!

    Just to suggest a few.

  3. The right would not even exist without fear mongering.

    I'm not on nor part of "the right".


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